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5 Ways to Market your Autism Center Online

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

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If you are the owner of an autism center, you could have a lot of competition around you. So how do you stand out from your competition and get your center filled with new clients? Here are five marketing tactics you can do to promote your autism services online to increase your clientele.

Create a brand

Before you can begin promoting yourself online, creating a brand identity for your company is essential:

  1. Create a logo.

  2. Decide on what your company’s tone and personality will be.

  3. Determine your brand’s color scheme and font style.

When you begin to promote yourself online, try and stick to these colors, fonts, and tones. This way, people will become more familiar with you and recognize you often.

Update your local SEO weekly

If someone is searching for ABA services in your area, they are most likely searching on Google. Local SEO is a great way to market directly to the people who live in your area. Be active on your Google Business Profile by adding pictures of your center, creating posts with a call to action back to your website, or having them make a phone call to your center. Always keep your hours of operation up to date. Lastly, use appropriate keywords in your posts and when saving your photos to help your center appear in searches.

Have a blog on your website

Having a blog on your website can have many benefits. First, it allows you to show people who visit your website that you have knowledge on the topic of ABA Therapy and behavior analysis. It can also be an educational tool for parents who have a child diagnosed with autism. It is also a great way to constantly add new content to your website, which Google will recognize and rank higher in searches. You need as little as two monthly posts to help improve your rank on Google.

Use Social Media

Give people a sneak peek into your center on your social media. Show them what your center looks like on the inside and outside. Give them a tour of the different rooms. Give parents looking for an autism therapy center the opportunity to see your autism center online before they go through the intake process. Be sure to be cautious of showing your client’s faces online. Reading and understanding the Code of Ethics from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board is essential before posting pictures or information about your clients.

Email Marketing

Have an option on your website for people to sign up for email updates from your autism center. This can add another communication line to your present and future clients. Using email marketing is a great way to inform your clients of any updates or activities that may be coming up. It is also a great way to attract new leads. Creating and growing an email list is your direct line to your clients and potential clients.

Between scheduling an assessment, conducting intakes, and providing therapy to your clients, it is easy for your marketing tactics to fall by the wayside. However, it is incredibly important when it comes to maintaining your current clients and attracting new clients. If you are having trouble finding time to market your autism, physical therapy, speech therapy, or other special needs organizations, reach out to Your Media Squad. Our marketing experts have a background not only in digital marketing but also in working with children who have special needs. As a former Registered Behavior Technician, we know the science behind applied behavior analysis and how it can change the lives of children with autism or other special needs.

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