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Google Business Profile - Why Small Businesses Should Be Using It

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Google Business Profile Icon

As a small business owner, there are many ways you can advertise your business online. However, one way is often underutilized: Google Business Profile.

Your Google Business Profile, formally called Google My Business, is a way to list your business information online. Every business that is a brick and mortar can claim its profile, and it's free! Here are four reasons why you should consider claiming your Google Business Profile.

It's Free

Your Google Business Profile is best used for businesses that have direct contact with their customers, such as shops, restaurants, or companies that provide services to customers, such as plumbers or consultants. A Google Business Profile may not be for you if you are an online business and only sell your products virtually.

If you are one of these brick-and-mortar businesses, you can claim your FREE listing on Google. That's right; your Google Business Profile is free! There is no cost to list your business on Google.

Helps Get Your Business Discovered

The days of listing your business information in the Yellow Pages have come and gone. These days everyone goes to Google to search for the information they are looking to find. Google is the number one search engine platform out there, so it's where you want to list your business. You will not only get discovered in Google Searches, but you can also show up on Google Maps and Google Shopping. Think about the last time you went on your Google Maps app to find a restaurant nearby. The restaurants that popped up first are the ones that are most likely active on their Google Business Profile listing!

Manage Your Business Information

Google allows you to provide a lot of information about your business on your listing. Optimizing your Google Business Profile and listing as much information as possible will help you show up in searches more. Listing your hours, address, and phone number are essential, but also providing pictures of what your business looks like, and details on any specials you may have can help you rank higher on Google. It's crucial to update your business information and provide updated pictures continuously.

Build Trust

While you, as a small business owner, can include any information that you want on your Google Business Profile, customers can also add their information. Your customers can add pictures, leave business reviews and ask questions on your Google Business Profile. Responding to reviews and questions is essential to building trust with your customers and future customers. If a customer leaves a 5-star review, thank them on your Google Business Profile and let them know you appreciate their business. When a question is asked on your listing, respond promptly to your customers to provide quality customer service.

Here at Your Media Squad, we always suggest our new clients claim their Google Business Profile listing and optimize it to help them get more people in the door and increase their sales. Take a look at these statistics from the past five months when we suggested that our client, Catherine Hinds Company, utilize their Google Business Profile.


Google Business Profile Analytics


Google Business Profile Analytics


Google Business Profile Analytics


Google Business Profile Analytics


Google Business Profile Analytics

As you can see, the number of times they showed up in Google searches increased every month, along with the number of times people viewed pictures on their Google Business profile. Your numbers will increase if you are active on your Google Business Profile weekly and you use the proper keywords on your listing.

Not sure how to get started and maintain your Google Business Profile listing? Reach out to Your Media Squad, and we can help get you started and manage your listing so you can focus more on getting sales!

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