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How Social Media Can Grow Your Small Business

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Social Media - some people love it, and some people hate it.

There are over 3 billion people on some form of social media, and that number keeps on growing. What does this mean for small businesses? Your customers are hanging out on social media no matter what industry you are in.

Social Media can be so beneficial to small businesses. Here are three reasons why we think you should consider marketing your small business on social media platforms.

1. Brand Awareness - Getting eyes on your product or services is always the end goal right before sales right? Your customers are on social media. Go where your customers are! Marketing your company couldn't be easier or cheaper for that matter (but that's for a different blog).

2. Customer Service - Social Media has given us the ability to interact directly with our customers on a whole new level. Forget the old days when you were put on hold for 20 minutes waiting to speak to a manager. Now people go straight to Twitter or Facebook and send a message. If you are quick to reply you are on your way to some very happy customers!

I once posted a tweet on my personal Twitter account stating my frustrations with Southwest Airlines when my flight was canceled, and then delayed, and then canceled again...I was just annoyed and didn't expect anything to come of it. Within minutes of me posting, Southwest reached out to me right away, asked me for some information, and days later I had a $200 voucher in my inbox. They won me over as a customer for LIFE.

social media screen shot of twitter

3. Customer Loyalty - If you win your customer over with great customer service then there is a good chance you win their loyalty. If you are on social media and are active on social media your customers will trust you more. Connecting with them one to one builds trust. Use the tools that social media provides you with to gain loyalty.

If your business is not on social media you are already behind the eight ball with your marketing. It is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to take your marketing strategy to another level.

But hey, we get's more tasks to add to your already long to-do list. So, let us handle it! We know the tips and tricks to get your social media platforms up and running.

Already have some social media accounts but just don't see them going anywhere? We can help! Reach out to us to schedule some time to talk and let us determine the best strategy for your small business. Leave the marketing to us so you can work on the sales!

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