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Where to Use Keywords to Get More Traffic to Your Website

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

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When writing copy for your website as a small business, are you focusing on using the right keywords? Keywords are words or a group of words that will help your website be found when people are searching. For example, we use the word “marketing” throughout our website because we are an agency looking to help small businesses with their marketing. While using the correct keywords on your website is essential for getting found online, there are specific places you should focus on using them to rank higher on Google. Here are some of those places.

Page Titles

The title of your webpage, or meta tag, is an important place to include relevant keywords. The meta tag helps Google understand what your webpage is about and why it is relevant to specific searches. You see the meta tag in blue text when searching for a particular topic, and it is a clickable link. Therefore, people searching are more likely to click on your link in an organic search when using the correct keywords.

Subheadings and Content

Subheadings are the smaller headers on the webpage that help break up the content on the page. For example, the words Page Titles and Subheadings are considered subheadings on this webpage you are currently reading. This is because Google scans all the words on a web page when searching. Therefore using the appropriate keywords in your subheadings and the other content on your page will help you show up in searches better.


The URL for your website should contain keywords to help you rank higher in Google searches. It will also help if you use keywords in your slugs. Slugs are the words or a group of words at the end of your URL.

Meta Descriptions

The meta description is the short snippet of words under the title tags that describes what your page is about. Google searches will look at your meta description to see if your page is relevant to what is being searched. Therefore, using keywords in these descriptions will help Google decide if your page will appear in searches.


When you are trying to optimize your website, you should not only focus on the words on your website, but you should also pay attention to the images on your site. Saving your images with the relevant keywords can help Google determine where you show up in searches.

While it is essential to use the proper keywords in the right places to rank higher on Google, it’s important to stress that you should not be overloading your page with keywords. Only use keywords where it makes sense. Google is smart enough to know when you are spamming your page with keywords and will penalize you. Bottom line: don’t try and cheat the system.

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