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3 Reasons Why a Small Business Should Consider Outsourcing Their Marketing

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

When small business owners first start their business the amount of work that needs to be done to get it up and running can be overwhelming. One of the most important parts of starting your business is marketing your products or services. You want people to know you exist and that you are open for business!

If you are a new business you may not have the resources that you need to get your marketing up and running with a marketing team. These days many businesses have decided to outsource their marketing work rather than hire their own staff. Here are three reasons why as a small business owner you might want to consider outsourcing your marketing work.

Saves money

Outsourcing your marketing work can save you money. According to a marketing manager in the United States makes just over $65,000 a year. If you are just starting your business, this can be a lot of money for you have to shell out. And this does not take into consideration what you would have to pay for benefits, worker's compensation, and the materials your marketing manager would need to do their job.

If you outsource your marketing needs through a marketing agency or a freelancer, you will not have to worry about added expenses such as benefits and materials. You would most likely pay an agreed-upon monthly fee or pay a freelancer an hourly fee. There would be no unexpected additional costs.

Working with experts

When you outsource your marketing needs to an agency, you should feel comfortable knowing you will be working with the experts. Marketing agencies only have one job; to get their clients noticed so they can make sales. There are many different ways to do this and by hiring a marketing agency or a freelancer who specializes in these areas, you should feel comfortable leaving the work to them.

They are not your employees

When you outsource your marketing, they can be considered an addition to your business but they are not your direct employees. They are only responsible for providing the agreed-upon services to you. As a small business owner, you won’t have to worry about if they are behaving professionally in the office, or if they are taking too long of a lunch break. You will not have any HR issues to deal with. You are only responsible for giving them the information they need to get the work done and paying them on time. That’s it!

If you are a new small business owner, I encourage you to look at what would work best for you when it comes to marketing your business. Do you have the money and do you want to be more in charge of your marketing work? Or are you comfortable letting an agency or freelancer take it over for you (with your input of course)?

Are you interested in outsourcing your marketing work and looking to talk to someone more about it? Reach out to Your Media Squad and we can answer any questions you have.

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