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How Small Businesses Can Stay Hot on Social Media During the Summertime Slump

How to survive the social media summertime slump

Summer is almost here! Sunshine, vacations, barbecues – it's a time for relaxation and fun. But for small businesses, summer can also bring a social media summertime slump. Studies have shown engagement dips during the warmer months, with people spending less time glued to their phones and more time soaking up the sun.

This doesn't mean your social media presence needs to hibernate! Here at Your Media Squad, we're here to help you navigate the summer slowdown and keep your customers engaged.

Why Does Engagement Drop?

There are a few reasons why social media engagement tends to dip during the summer:

  • People are busier:  Summer is packed with vacations, travel plans, and outdoor activities. With less screen time, there's less opportunity for scrolling and interacting on social media.

  • Shifting priorities:  Summer is a time for leisure, and people's social media focus might shift towards travel inspiration, fun content, and connecting with friends and family. Product promotions might not be at the forefront of their minds.

  • Content fatigue:  With consistent brand posting throughout the year, audiences might experience a bit of "been there, seen that."

Staying Visible When the Sun is Shining

So, what can you do as a small business to keep your social media presence afloat during the summer?

1. Embrace the Summer Vibe:

  • Lighthearted and Fun Content:  Shift your content strategy to reflect the season. Share summer-themed posts, tips for enjoying the outdoors, or behind-the-scenes glimpses of your team enjoying the sunshine.

  • Interactive Polls and Quizzes:  Get your audience involved with interactive polls and quizzes. Ask them about their summer plans, their favorite local hangout spots, or their preferred summer drink.

  • User-Generated Content (UGC) is Key:  Encourage your audience to share their summer experiences using your branded hashtag or tagging your business. Repost their content and stories to show appreciation and build a sense of community.

2. Focus on Quality Over Quantity:

  • Strategic Posting:   With potentially lower engagement, consider adjusting your posting frequency. Focus on creating high-quality content that resonates with your audience, even if it means posting slightly less often.

  • Utilize Scheduling Tools:   Free up your time by scheduling posts in advance using social media management tools. This way, you can maintain a consistent presence even when you're out enjoying the summer yourself.

  • Analyze and Adapt:   Track your social media analytics closely during this time. See what kind of content resonates most with your audience and adjust your strategy accordingly.

3. Don't Forget SEO and Email Marketing:

While social media might experience a slowdown, summer is a great time to focus on other digital marketing strategies:

  • SEO:  Search Engine Optimization ensures your website ranks higher in search results for relevant keywords. This can attract new customers who are actively searching for products or services like yours.

  • Local SEO:  If you have a brick-and-mortar store, optimize your local SEO with Google Business Profile listing and local citations. This will ensure your business shows up in local searches, driving summer foot traffic.

  • Email Marketing:   Your email list is a valuable asset. Send out targeted email campaigns with summer promotions, special offers, or loyalty rewards to keep your existing customer base engaged.

The summer months might bring a slight dip in social media engagement, but it doesn't have to mean a decline in customers. By adapting your social media strategy, focusing on high-quality content, and leveraging other digital marketing channels like SEO and email marketing, your small business can stay top-of-mind with your audience all summer long.

Let Your Media Squad help you develop a summer marketing strategy that keeps your business thriving, even when the weather is hot!

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How to survive the social media summertime slump

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