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The Science of Hashtags for Instagram

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Hashtag Key on a keyboard

If you have an Instagram account, you have probably seen hashtags in captions or used them yourself. But did you know there is a science behind how you should be using hashtags?

What are hashtags

Hashtags are a word or a few words grouped together and preceded by the pound sign on social media platforms that help identify content on a specific topic. Hashtags are commonly used on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Hashtags can be used on Facebook, but they are not as popular. Research has shown that many people find hashtags to be annoying on Facebook. Using them on Instagram, however, can be very beneficial.

How to use hashtags for best results

Using hashtags in your captions increases your chances of more people discovering your post – as long as your profile is public. So if you want your content to be found, choosing the proper hashtags for your post is essential.

Here are ten tips for choosing the right hashtags on Instagram:

  1. Choose between 5-10 hashtags for Instagram posts. Instagram allows you to have up to 30 hashtags, but that is unnecessary. Choosing quality hashtags will help your post get discovered over the number of hashtags you use.

  2. Make sure the hashtags you use are relevant to the picture you are posting.

  3. Do your research on hashtags. Spend time in the Tags tab on Instagram and search for hashtags you think you want to use to see if they have been used before.

  4. Use hashtags that have been used between 100K and 500K times. These hashtags are popular and will stay on the search tab longer than hashtags that have been used over one million or more times.

  5. Consider adding one or two location-based hashtags. For example, if you own a business in Tampa, FL, and you are trying to drive people to your brick-and-mortar, use the hashtag #TampaFL

  6. Research what Instagram influencers are using if you are stumped on what hashtags to use.

  7. Create your own hashtag to help brand yourself or your business #yourbusinessoursquad is one that we use here at Your Media Squad.

  8. Don’t string too many words together. The shorter the hashtag, the easier it will be to remember for people to search.

  9. Do not use spaces or symbols in your hashtags. They will not show up as a hashtag.

  10. Monitor trending hashtags and try and use them if you can.

Bonus Tip: Research what your competitors are using!

If you are marketing yourself or your small business on Instagram, using hashtags can help increase the number of people who see what you are posting. Looking for someone to help with your Instagram marketing strategy? Reach out to Your Media Squad, and we can help you!

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