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My Method to More Backlinks

If you're trying to win at the digital marketing game (who isn't, right?), then backlinks should be your trusty sidekick. These little gems can skyrocket your online presence, and here's why.

Why Backlinks Matter

  1. Google's Love For Backlinks: Think of backlinks as votes of confidence for your website. The more high-quality sites linking to yours, the more Google sees you as a reputable player in the digital marketing game. And we all know that when Google likes you, everyone else does, too!

  2. Boosting Credibility: Backlinks help boost your website's credibility. The more backlinks to your website, the more people will believe that you are a credible source. Let's face it: there are a lot of not-so-credible websites out there, so this is a great way to stand out from those sites. It's like an instant credibility boost that your audience can't ignore.

  3. Traffic Magnet: Backlinks aren't just for show. They're like breadcrumbs leading curious internet wanderers straight to your website. More links mean more pathways for potential customers to discover your business. Who doesn't want a steady stream of visitors visiting your website?

3 Ways to Snag Backlinks Like a Pro:

Google Business Profile Magic: Claiming and updating your Google Business Profile is a great start when you want to create more website backlinks. Many people say that your Google Business Profile is your new website. When people search for your business's product or service, the first thing that pops up BEFORE your website is your Google Business Profile (especially is they are doing the search on Google Maps). From there, people will visit your website (which is a backlink!). Adding updates to your Google Business Profile with links back to pages on your website is another excellent way to add backlinks. I add 2-3 updates to my client's Google Business Profile every week. Haven't set up your Google Business Profile yet? Download my FREE Google Business Profile Setup Guide, which will get you set up in no time!

Pinterest Pins: Pinterest isn't just for recipes and DIY crafts. It's a goldmine for backlinks. Create visually stunning pins that lead back to your website. Share them across boards, group boards, and relevant communities. Not only will you attract a Pinterest following, but you'll also score those precious backlinks effortlessly.

Ace the Content Game: Yep, it's a classic, but it works like a charm. Create killer content that people can't resist sharing. Whether it's informative blog posts, engaging videos, or eye-catching infographics—when your content is shareable, others will link back to it naturally. It's like setting up a backlink magnet right on your site.

Backlinks don't have to be difficult to obtain. You don't always have to depend on other websites or companies for them (although that's not a bad way to get them either). Using these three tips consistently will help you rank higher on your own! 

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My three Ways to Create More Backlinks


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