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What is a Google Local Justification?

What is a Google Local Justification?

A Google Local Justification is a short piece of text that shows up with a business listing in Google Maps and Local Search results. It basically acts as a little blurb that highlights why that particular business is relevant to the search query you entered.

There are different types of justifications, and they can be pulled from various sources:

  • Review justifications: These snippets come from positive reviews that mention keywords related to your search. For instance, if you search for "Italian food near me" and an Italian restaurant has a review saying "best lasagna in town," that part of the review might show up as a justification for that restaurant.

  • Website justifications: Google might pull text from your business website that matches the search term.

  • Menu justifications: If you have a menu listed on your Google Business Profile and it includes items relevant to the search, that could be highlighted as a justification.

  • Sold Here justifications: This one shows if a product you searched for is specifically sold by that business. This info often comes from responses to Google Maps prompts where users answer questions about businesses they've visited.

Overall, local justifications can be an excellent way for your business to stand out in search results. They give potential customers a quick reason to choose you over the competition by showing how well your offerings match their needs.

How to create Google Local Justifications

You can't directly create Google Local Justifications, but you can definitely influence what kind of justifications show up for your business listing. Here's how:

Optimize your Google Business Profile:

  • Fill out all the information completely and accurately. This includes your business name, address, phone number (NAP), category, description, website, and hours of operation.

  • Regularly update your profile with fresh content. Add high-quality photos, post updates about your business, and respond to reviews.

  • Use relevant keywords throughout your profile. This includes your business name, description, category, and posts.

Manage your online presence:

  • Encourage customers to leave reviews on your Google Business Profile. Positive reviews that mention your strengths can be a great source of justification text.

  • Ensure your business website is optimized for your target keywords. This will help Google understand what your business offers and make website content a potential source for justifications.

  • Consider listing your menu on your Google Business Profile. This can trigger "Menu Highlight" justifications when users search for specific dishes.

Engage with Google Maps Q&A:

  • Respond to questions about your business on Google Maps Q&A. This can help Google understand what products or services you offer and potentially lead to "Sold Here" justifications.

By following these tips, you increase the chances of Google finding relevant information to use as justifications for your business listing. Remember, the more you optimize your online presence and engage with your Google Business Profile features, the stronger the case you build for why your business should be shown for relevant searches.

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How to create Google Local Justifications

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